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Winklerhotels in South Tyrol: wellness deluxe


The Winklers’ Balance programme in July

The Winklerhotels in South Tyrol pamper all your senses with an exclusive programme called Winklers’ Balance, which includes treatments and activities designed to promote psychophysical balance.

Our hotels in South Tyrol await you with a unique programme that is based on natural elements and the seasons: Winklers’ Balance. When it comes to wellness, our hotels in South Tyrol have a lot to offer and are constantly committed to fulfilling the dream of every single guest: wellness and relaxation in every aspect. This programme of our hotels in South Tyrol is designed for summer, a season that symbolizes the transition to adulthood, helps you regain balance and harmony. Summer’s element is fire, which we want to celebrate with a rich and variety-packed programme. You can look forward to dew walks and easy hikes with Kneipp. To evenings at our hotels in South Tyrol that are dedicated to fire and dance and mountain-pike walks. To being spoilt in our spa with various steam baths and a mountain pine peeling, Lomi Lomi Nui massages, baths and packs. And completing our fantastic programme is a breakfast in the woods and a private barbecue. We await you!

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