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The best summer holiday in South Tyrol you can treat your kids to

Entertainment for the kids, Fun weeks for the teens

We make it our job to offer you and your kids a dream holiday both in summer and winter. The weekly entertainment programme for children and the Fun weeks for teens score high with every young guest. We also offer a series of family jaunts for you to enjoy fantastic experiences with the whole family.

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Our weekly programme for kids aged 3 to 11

There are plenty of adventures for little explorers to sink their teeth in – our weekly entertainment programme includes:

  • Introduction day with leisurely walk
  • Handicrafts and games
  • Treasure hunt in the wood
  • Pony rides
  • Indian camp
  • Quad tours for kids over 10 (at a fee)
  • Evening cinema
  • Bouncy castle or trampoline in the garden
  • Afternoon snack at the kids’ club
  • Assistance at dinner
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The Fun weeks for teens

In the main holiday seasons, we treat kids aged 10 to 16 to an all-day programme full of exciting extras. Would you like a preview? Snorkelling in the natural bathing pond, open air cinema, laser game, quad tours, downhill tour, horseback riding and much more!

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Family holiday deals

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