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Aim high – Visit the Picco della Croce/Wilde Kreuzspitze


Spectacular views await you here on over 3,000 metres

The mountain tour to the Picco della Croce/Wilde Kreuzspitze is a challenging and partly steep affair, but the awe-inspiring views make up for all the efforts.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful views in South Tyrol! The Picco della Croce/Wilde Kreuzspitze is with 3,132 metres the highest mountain in Fundres/Pfunders and offers a wonderful view of the Zillertal Alps and the Dolomites alike. The start of this 7-hour walk with an altitude difference of 1,400 metres is at the parking place of the Fane Alm (1,700 metres); it leads you past a waterfall to the Brixner Hütte (2,282 metres). Here the trail is steepening and leads on to the Rauhtaljoch pass with unforgettable views. From here the peak is only 45 minutes away. The way back leads you past the green lake Lago Selvaggio/Wilder See and the Labeseben Alm; after that, you reach the broad forest path leading you across the gorge of Valles/Vals. Good conditions, sure-footedness and mountain experience are an absolute must for this tour. The starting point is about 45 minutes ride from our South Tyrolean spa hotels.

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