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From “Kirchta“ to “Tirtlan”


Cultural highlights at Plan de Corones/Kronplatz

If you keep your eyes and ears open in Val Pusteria/Pustertal, you will notice that customs and traditions are part of everyday life in Val Pusteria/Pustertal.

Culture and customs are of great importance in Val Pusteria/Pustertal. Special events are the annual "Kirchta" fairs, which take place on a different day in each village. In autumn this fair is often combined with the "Almabtrieb", the driving of the elaborately decorated cattle from the alpine pasture to the village. At these cultural events, the villagers wear their most beautiful "Sunntiggwond" (Sunday garb), which in former times provided information about the marital status of the women: If a woman tied her apron on the left, she was single; if she tied it in the middle, was she engaged; and if she tied it on the right, was she married. The unmistakable "Puschtra" dialect is used in everyday life, sometimes with spontaneously incorporated Anglicisms and Italianisms, sometimes with unique terms of the respective environment. Are you looking for a wellness and culture holiday in a hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal? Hotel Winkler is located directly at the entrance of this holiday region!

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