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It’s time to treat yourself!


Let yourself be spoilt.

Even on holiday the relaxation you need so badly won’t come? We know that feeling! Our spa packages are the ultimate solution and guarantee incomparable moments of relaxation.

We are aware that motherhood is a full-time job. The housework, the constant concern for your children, the fact that you have to make a mental note on literally anything – it all wears on your nerves. In our hotel in Val Pusteria/Pustertal, we have taken that to heart and created a special spa package for mothers-to-be (after the completion of the 12th week of pregnancy): treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a lymphatic drainage, a purifying face treatment, a manicure and pedicure, as well as a mukhabyanga face massage – your body will be very thankful! But of course, we created a treat for all non-mothers, too: our “Winkler Women’s World” package is composed of a deep-cleansing face treatment, a manicure and pedicure, a peeling, and the “St Barth Harmony” massage. If you like it a little bit more exotic, you should try our “The Winkler World Tour” package, containing the massages “Lomi Lomi Nui” and “Abhyanga” as well as a chillout massage.

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We are open for you!

The days are getting longer again, the temperatures warmer, the first signs of spring are blooming and the anticipation of the next holiday is immeasurable. Full of joy and with a beaming smile on our faces, we are glad that we can now be there for you again:

❀   7 April  Private Luxury Chalet PURMONTES
15 April  Hotel LANERHOF 
29 April  Hotel SONNENHOF


You are welcome to contact us at any time for further questions about your next holiday:
✎ Hotel Lanerhof: +39 0474 403133 ǀ lanerhof@winklerhotels.com
✎ Chalet Purmontes: +39 0474 403133 ǀ purmontes@winklerhotels.com
✎ Hotel Winkler: +39 0474 549020 ǀ winkler@winklerhotels.com
✎ Hotel Sonnenhof: +39 0474 528105 ǀ sonnenhof@winklerhotels.com


We are looking forward to seeing you,
family Winkler and the Winklerhotel-team

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