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Pure romance


Time for cosy togetherness

Stress dominates our lifes – and time with our loved ones is often forgotten. Treat yourself to romantic moments with your sweetheart.

You want to go to Asia or the Caribbean? Why not come to the Dolomites? Our hotels await you with pampering treatments that will take you on a journey around the world. The "Secrets of India" treatment starts with a chai tea, continues with a unique sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls, and is rounded off with a relaxing Ayurvedic massage. The “St Barth Luxury Caribbean” treatment brings a touch of the Caribbean to South Tyrol: body peel with ocean sand, coconut oil and papaya, feelgood bath with essences from St Barth, duo full-body massage with warm clamshells. You’ll feel like in seventh heaven! Or would you rather take a “Journey through South Tyrol”? This treatment includes a full-body honey peel, a stone pine bath, and a relaxing massage with arnica oil. And how about some cosy togetherness with the “Romantic Lounge”? Enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved one during a soothing sauna session, a wonderful bath with rich nutrients, and a relaxing aroma massage rounded off with Prosecco and snacks. Relaxation can be so romantic!

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