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3 hotels in the Dolomites and 1 exclusive chalet


Chalet Purmontes: luxury and comfort

The Winklerhotels in the Dolomites present to you the new Chalet Purmontes, an architectural jewel in perfect harmony with nature.

The three hotels in the Dolomites that belong to the Winklerhotels group have been enriched by a fourth accommodation, the exclusive Chalet Purmontes. It completes the luxurious and authentic lodging offer of our three hotels in the Dolomites. These hotels in South Tyrol share a common goal: the well-being of every single guest. This common concept of our hotels in the Dolomites reaches its apotheosis at the Chalet Purmontes, which brings together people and nature into a harmonious whole. Here, understated luxury is present everywhere and in everything. Traditional furnishings and natural material meet comfort and modernity with a striking architectural result. The Chalet Purmontes, the newest addition to our hotels in the Dolomites, features fantastic Chalet Suites, each with a private pool. And not to be forgotten, the private spa with bathing pond. Last but not least, the Winklers Premium Experience gives guests of the Chalet Purmontes free access to all three Winklerhotels and their inclusive services. Simply irresistible!

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