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Winter holidays in South Tyrol: simply enchanting


Magical Advent in the mountains

A winter holiday in South Tyrol is full of magical moments, especially during Christmas time. Let yourself be amazed!

First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ Child and your winter holidays in South Tyrol are already at the door. The snow falls gently from the sky and transforms the landscape around our hotels in the Dolomites into a fairy-tale landscape. A magical silence spreads with the first snowfall, while the anticipation of a great celebration increases day by day. What is the best way to shorten the waiting time for the Christmas? The answer is simple: with a winter holiday in South Tyrol. Experience the magical Advent season in the mountains. Fairy lights illuminate the dark night and the scent of homemade mulled wine whirls through the air: during your winter holiday in South Tyrol, you can soak up the magic of the Christmas season at the numerous small and large Christmas markets. Culinary specialities as well as all kinds of typical handmade products are offered at the stands. In the background, you can hear festive music that puts visitors in the right mood to celebrate.

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