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Get ready …


… to visit South Tyrol!

Your day-to-day life is stifling you? Take a spontaneous last-minute trip to South Tyrol and fill up your batteries in our Winklerhotels!

We all need a break sometimes – especially in this particularly difficult year. How fortunate that in our hotel at Plan de Corones/Kronplatz, you don’t have to know in advance when you will be ready for a time-out, but you can simply book a spontaneous last-minute stay. Have a look at our last-minute offers: at least in one of our four hotels, a stylish and cosy suite or room will be waiting for you – for sure! At the same time, you can book one of our beauty treatments and packages to round off your holiday. How about a relaxing aroma or honey massage for example? Or would you prefer a soothing bath that loosens tensions? Our offers hold something ready for everyone! Afterwards, when you return to your everyday life, you will be filled with new strength and energy. Allow yourself a soothing and relaxing time-out and book your last-minute holiday in South Tyrol! Your body will be very thankful!

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