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Between nature and history – ski holiday in the Dolomites


The Gebirgsjäger tour is a true insider tip

A unique experience during your ski holiday in the Dolomites? The Gebirgsjäger tour!

The Gebirgsjäger tour will be in many ways a highlight of your ski holiday in the Dolomites. We tell you why in our hotels at the gateway to the Dolomites as well as on our website: The Gebirgsjäger tour is one of the most spectacular circular ski tours in South Tyrol and winds through the peaks of the scenic Dolomites, where many battles of the First World War were fought. What better way to discover breathtaking scenery and historic sites during your ski holiday in the Dolomites.

The 80-kilometre tour offers an unforgettable view of the Dolomites and will make for unforgettable memories of your ski holiday in the Dolomites. Due to its length, the tour is recommended to advanced skiers in good physical condition. Book your private ski guide at our hotels to make your ski day even better – he’ll guide you safely through your ski holiday adventure in Dolomites and will give you some insider tips.

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