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With physiotherapeutic treatments and massages, we can react specifically to complaints and restrictions of the musculoskeletal system. In a preliminary consultation, our physiotherapist will address your very personal concerns and determine the best treatment method for you.

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Our physiotherapist

Healing treatments out of conviction: Gerd Corradini

Born and raised in the Pustertal Valley, I learned the profession of masseur and medical bath attendant in Würzburg at the age of 20, in order to gain initial professional experience in various practices and health care facilities from then on.

A few years later, in Bad Birnbach in Lower Bavaria, I passed my exams as a physiotherapist in December 2010 and have been practising my profession with conviction ever since. Now I am thrilled to bring my experience to the Chalet Purmontes and to offer all its guests their very own individual healing treatments.

May I invite you to do the same?

Gerd Corradini,

Exclusively at Hotel Lanerhof and Chalet Purmontes
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The classical therapeutic massage

The aims of classical massage are better blood circulation, stretching, relaxation and improved removal of metabolic products in the muscles. It is used:

  • For various problems in the muscle such as hard tension and pain.
  • For the prevention of injuries.
  • For regeneration after physical exertion.

Classical therapeutic massage also alleviates complaints of musculoskeletal disorders, such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Acute back pain (lumbago)
Partial body massage (25 minutes - 75 Euro)
also possible as a
full body massage (50 minutes - 110 Euro)



It is a heat application on the body. The hot roll is not only used to treat muscle pain and tension. By warming the skin and tissues with warm cotton cloths, the reflex zones on the back in particular are stimulated. This leads to an alleviation of complaints such as migraine and tension headaches as well as to the revitalisation of the entire organism. It is also extremely beneficial for colds and enables freer breathing.

can be booked in combination with a partial body massage
(25 minutes - 45 Euro)
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Special forms of therapeutic massage

  • Manual lymphatic drainage
    It is often used after operations or injuries and has a predominantly decongestive effect on the connective tissue.
50 minutes - 135 Euro
  • The foot reflex zone therapy
    Specific manual techniques relieve tension in the muscles and have a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system.
25 minutes - 100 Euro
  • The sports massage
    As special preparation for sporting activity with intensive massage techniques or in the form of regeneration and relaxation massage after physical activity.
25 minutes - 100 Euro
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Physiotherapy applications

The goals of physiotherapy are to relieve muscle tension, improve coordination and balance, increase stamina and mobility, as well as to achieve the greatest possible well-being in everyday life and thus increase the quality of life.

Selected physiotherapeutic treatment methods:

    Targeted handgrip techniques are used both to relieve pain and to mobilise joints and muscles. The therapist also applies various stretching and relaxation techniques.
50 minutes - 155 Euro
    Special form of pressure and displacement grips with the aim of revitalising deep tissue structures, muscle sheaths but also skin and subcutaneous tissue.
50 minutes - 155 Euro
  • Therapeutic training/sports physiotherapy
    Here, treatments and exercises are provided that correct physical weaknesses and subsequently lead to a continuous increase in one's own performance level.
50 minutes - 175 Euro
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All therapeutic treatments at the Hotel Lanerhof are individually tailored to you and are based on the 5 pillars of the Sebastian Kneipp philosophy.

We will also be happy to put together your very own personal wellness package.

In order to achieve the best possible treatment success together with you, our therapist will carry out a short diagnostic assessment before the first treatment.

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“If you don't have time for your health, you will need a lot of time for your illnesses later on.”

Sebastian Kneipp
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