Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Yoga retreats

Yoga holiday in South Tyrol: enrich your inner peace

Embark on a rejuvenating yoga holiday in South Tyrol, where time slows down and you reconnect with your inner self. Mindfully follow the movements of our experienced yoga instructors, allowing your breath to guide you as you tap into your vital life force. Our yoga retreats offer a profound sense of fulfilment, whether you choose the gentle tranquillity of yin yoga or the invigorating energy of vinyasa yoga. At the Winklerhotels, you’ll find a haven of peace amidst breathtaking natural beauty, where you can nurture your essence from deep within.

Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol

The diversity of our
yoga retreats

The dates of our South Tyrol yoga retreats are as diverse as the yoga styles taught. Invigorating morning yoga sessions at our wellness hotels in South Tyrol will awaken your vitality and the evening yoga will prepare you for a restful evening.

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Yoga classes

Hotel Yoga Instructor Date
Winkler Anna Sophie Kotlarski 05.05. – 18.05.2024
Winkler Veronika Müller 02.06. – 14.06.2024
Winkler Anne-Katrin Feldkamp 16.06. – 29.06.2024
Winkler Anna Sophie Kotlarski 17.11. – 30.11.2024
Lanerhof Lisa Frenze 17.11. – 23.11.2024
Lanerhof Sandra Sabitzer 23.11. – 30.11.2024
Winkler Sara Rausch 30.11. – 07.12.2024
Lanerhof Maike Egger 30.11. – 07.12.2024
Winkler Lisa Epe 30.04. – 04.05.2025 (Special retreat)
Winklerhotels: a nourishing yoga holiday in South Tyrol

Leading with mindfulness and passion: our yoga instructors

With meticulous care, we’ve handpicked exceptional yoga instructors from around the globe to lead our exclusive yoga retreats at our sport hotels in South Tyrol. These esteemed yoga masters are passionate about what they do. They embody the spirit of our mission: to find your centre and cultivate a sense of well-being during your yoga holiday in South Tyrol.

Veronika Müller

Yoga can’t be explained, it has to be experienced. That’s why I’m inviting you to dive into the fascinating world of yoga with me. I trained in traditional hatha yoga and modern vinyasa yoga with Dr Patrick Broome. Feel the beneficial effects of asanas that flow from one to the next in combination with mindful breathing. Experience the calming effect of Shavasana. Discover the holistic power of yoga for body, mind and soul on your yoga holiday in South Tyrol.

Anna Sophie Kotlarski

How do we want to experience and design our life? Do we feel what is “going on” inside us, what defines us, and what’s important to us? For me, yoga is the clear space between stimulus and reaction. In my vinyasa flow & yin yoga retreat “Energize. Feel. Connect.” we’ll raise our awareness of what’s really important, for our coexistence with others and in our attitude towards ourselves. I warmly invite you to direct your focus from the outwards to inwards during your yoga holiday in South Tyrol and to step onto the mat with curiosity for self-discovery.

Maike Egger

Move yourself. Curiously. Freely. With devotion. Embrace the practice of letting go and discover your full potential. I’m a certified Strala Yoga Advanced Leader and trained at Spirit Yoga Berlin. In my concept, unity of the body is the top priority, and one movement leads into the next. The focus is on the continuity of movement. Playfully become aware of your power and practise coordination while your breath smoothly maintains your balance. Fall in love with moving yourself.

Anne-Katrin Feldkamp

Yin & yang – in my sessions, you’ll experience both: dynamic, flowing asanas as well as yin and restorative yoga to help you relax and unwind. Through meditation and breathwork, we cultivate a deep connection with the present moment. I invite you to practise yoga with me twice a day. The morning session is a gentle flow to wake up our body and provide it with positive energy. In the afternoon, we’ll transition into a restorative Yin Yoga session, where you’ll experience a gentle stretching of your muscles and fascia, creating space for deep relaxation.

Sara Rausch

“Find your inner balance”: For me, sharing yoga means creating a space in which everyone is able to fully be in the here and now. Yoga gives them time to just be and find peace. My classes are characterised by mindful movements that lead to inner balance. We start the day with a powerful, dynamic, and creative vinyasa flow session. And we end the day with gentle and balanced yin yoga class. Let go of the old, fill your energy reserves, and rediscover your inner balance.

Sandra Sabitzer

I’m convinced that we can happily live a fulfilling life full of gratitude, joy, and openness – to find our soul’s calling and follow it. It was this belief that led me to yoga years ago. I’m passionate about guiding you towards a deeper connection with your inner wisdom and a renewed sense of self-awareness. In the mornings our bodies will be energised by hatha and vinyasa yoga, while evenings will provide a tranquil space for deep relaxation through yin yoga. I like to bring a touch of humour and wisdom to the mat  – after all, I’m known as “Pink Elephant” for a reason!

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