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Luxury spa hotels in Italy – get pampered by the book


Our signature treatment: the Winkler Wellness Massage

When at our spa hotels in Italy, try one of our luxury treatments for body and mind.

Our spa hotels in Italy feature a vast wellness menu with luxury massages, beauty- and body treatments. Seize your break at our spa hotels in Italy to indulge in one (or more) of our lavish treatments. If you are simply looking to relax and unwind, without any special wishes, make sure to book our signature treatment, the Winkler Wellness Massage, offered at all of our three spa hotels in Italy. This soothing full-body massage is tailored to your individual needs and can be relaxing or re-energizing, depending on your personal preference. Let our trained and experienced massage therapists pamper you from head to toe and indulge in the calming interplay of soft touch, fragrant oils and gentle music. If you wish, you can also combine this massage with a peeling or beauty bath or with a visit to the sauna. We recommend booking your treatment at our spa hotels in Italy’s Dolomites well in advance.

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