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A marvellous family hike


The enchanted Fairy Path in Obervintl

The Fairy Path gets children moving, because there are lots of exciting things to discover for young and old.

Are we there yet? You probably hear this question a hundred times during a hike. On the Fairy Path in Obervintl you will definitely not hear it, because there is a lot to discover for children. The starting point for this family hike is the car park next to the St. Nicholas Church in Obervintl, which you can easily reach by car from our family hotel in the Dolomites. Here the enchanting fairy Lili is already waiting for the little adventurers and explorers. The easy path leads past eleven interactive adventure stations, a deer enclosure, and an impressive waterfall. The view from the rock balcony over the natural landscape is breath-taking. After a short break at the forest rest area, the trail continues to the Winnebach stream and back to the starting point. Filled with new experiences, you will return to the hotel, where the necessary relaxation awaits you after so much excitement. We wish you lots of fun while discovering.

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