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My therapist, my horse


Happy and healthy thanks to horseback riding

The best therapist is the horse. Maybe not the best, but a good one anyway. You'll find that out when you get in the saddle.

My therapist is my horse. Anyone who has ever sat on a horse will agree with that. This unique feeling of being free from the constraints of everyday life is something that you really only feel on the back of a horse. But that's not all: horseback riding is not only good for your own mind and mood. Horseback riding is also good for your health. Hippocrates already knew this and it has been scientifically proven several times. In our family hotel in the Dolomites, our qualified riding instructor Judith will teach you how to sit correctly in the saddle. After a few riding lessons you will be ready for the big ride, where Judith will show you the sunny sides of Val Pusteria/Pustertal. You will soon notice the numerous positive effects that horseback riding has on your mind and body. For example, this sport improves mobility and balance, increases coordination, and strengthens the muscles. If these are not enough good reasons to swing yourself onto the saddle? We are waiting for you at the Winklerhotels!

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