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A dream holiday for tennis fans

If you are a tennis lover there is nothing better than playing tennis amidst breathtaking mountain peaks. Where? In sunny South Tyrol, of course.

South Tyrol and our hotel in the Dolomites are the perfect places for spending a wonderful holiday focused on your favourite sport: tennis. Imagine being able to play on perfectly prepared courts, while enjoying warm rays of sunshine and admiring the most beautiful mountains in the world. And there’s more, as South Tyrol knows to delight everyone: whether you are a golf lover, leisurely biker, mountain biker, climbing enthusiasts … Tennis fans can look forward to indoor and outdoor courts that leave nothing to be desired. Join individual training programmes suitable for beginners, advanced players, tournament players, or teams. If you are a novice, certified instructors are there to teach you the basics of this elegant sport. And if you have left your equipment at home, you can rent tennis rackets or buy everything you need in the various sports shops that you’ll find in the surroundings of our hotel. So, are you ready to hit the court?

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