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Our Premium Spa Resorts are renowned for luxury


Winklerhotels: our skin care products

Our Premium Spa Resorts in the Dolomites focus on premium quality in all areas, including beauty products.

Discover what it means to spend a first-class holiday by staying in our Premium Spa Resorts at the gateway to the Dolomites. A top team will pay attention to your personal needs and welcome you with warm hospitality in our hotels in the Dolomites. You’ll soon notice that our luxury hotels near the Dolomites focus on quality in all areas– this is why we only use premium products and offer premium services in our Spa area. The exclusive use of renowned products from equally renowned brands in all beauty areas of our luxury hotels in the Dolomites will boost your well-being. Some of the products are even locally sourced and include a hint of the Caribbean. The competence of our expert beauty staff guarantees professional treatments and unparalleled relaxation in our Premium Spa Resorts in the Dolomites.

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