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Six good reasons for horseback riding

The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse – but not only. Here are six good reasons why horseback riding is good for you.

#1: Horseback riding improves your health. If you have a desk job, riding is the ideal way to find balance. While you sit in the saddle, numerous muscles are used and your balance is trained. The upright sitting posture also corrects any postural problems.
#2: Horseback riding eliminates stress. What could be better than sitting on a horse and letting your thoughts run free? Horseback riding is a great way to rest and relax. You learn to be patient and empathetic.
#3: When riding, you spend a lot of time in nature. Horseback riding is an outdoor sport. As you gallop through the countryside, fresh air fills your lungs and warm sunrays kiss your skin. A blessing for body, mind, and soul.
#4: When riding, children learn in a playful way how to take responsibility for someone.
#5: Riding promotes social contacts. In the riding stable you will quickly find like-minded people and friends with whom you can have a wonderful time
#6: In case of depression, burnout, or ADHD, spending time with a horse can be therapeutic.

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