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Three exclusive spa hotels in Italy – the getaway to the Dolomites


Achieve ultimate relaxation and pampering

The secret of the success of our spa hotels in Italy is the unique Winkler's Premium Experience, which enables you to enjoy luxury spa treatments.

The philosophy of our spa hotels in Italy is based on an important pillar: you book a hotel and take benefit from three! That is what the so-called Winkler’s Premium Experience is all about. In our hotels in the Dolomites you can experience top-quality treatments in three different spas without any additional charges. Our three spa hotels in Italy are the Hotel Lanerhof, the Hotel Winkler and the Hotel Sonnenhof. Our three spa hotels in Italy offer you the most versatile spa world in Val Pusteria/Pustertal with an area of over 13,000 square metres (inside and outside), where you can benefit from cosy warmth, atmospheric lighting, and pleasant fragrances. Refresh yourself in one of our 15 pools, enjoy the soothing heat of our 21 saunas, and give yourself a pampering session in one of our 12 relaxation rooms. Spending your holidays in one of our spa hotels in Italy is the best way to boost your energy and regenerate!

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