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Your hotels in South Tyrol with premium cosmetics


The Winklerhotels products

In our hotels in South Tyrol we focus on premium quality to deliver a first-class experience, especially in our beauty areas.

Enjoy excellent quality in our hotels in South Tyrol – from the exquisite cuisine to the cosy rooms, from the leisure activities to the variety-packed wellness offer. You will immediately notice the special attention paid to quality and the exclusive use of first-class products of premium brands. Your well-being is extremely important to us! That’s why our hotels at the gateway to the Dolomites focus on local brands – such as the highly effective, certified organic products of “Team Dr Joseph”, the first-quality cosmetic products of “P. Jentschura”, and “Ligne St Barth” that form the basis of the soothing beauty treatments of our hotels in the Dolomites. And thanks to the expertise and warmth of the staff in our hotels in South Tyrol, you’ll experience soothing wellness from head to toe.

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