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Golf is only for rich people?


Let's get rid of the prejudices!

Golf is a niche sport that is tainted with many prejudices. And wrongly so, because golf is for everyone.

Too expensive. Only for old folks or couch potatoes. Golf is tainted with many prejudices, but they are not true. Let’s counter these prejudices with the most important advantages:
#1 Golf is not a sport. That’s simply not true. On an average 18-hole course, you burn up to 1 500 calories. No wonder, given that the distance covered is between eight and ten kilometres. In addition, there is the movement when teeing off.
#2 Golf is only for old people. Although the average age of golfers is actually over 50 years, more and more young people are taking it up. The fact is: golfing takes time, which pensioners usually have. In addition, the sport can be played into old age.
 #3: Golf is expensive. First off: You can buy clubs for 100 euros or for several thousand. Also, the costs for equipment or license are reasonable. Membership in a golf club is not cheap, but it does not exceed the cost of an annual membership in an expensive gym. To cut a long story short: Just try it out. In the holiday region Val Pusteria/Pustertal, our hotels are ideal for your first attempts at golf. We await you with our special offers!

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