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Our wellness hotels in the Dolomites – pure relaxation


Good for your body and soul

At our wellness hotels near the Dolomites, peelings and baths provide pleasant moments of relaxation.

At our wellness hotels near the Dolomites, we are particularly proud of our large selection of peelings and baths. Treat yourself to relaxation after an eventful day or simply do something good for yourself. Our wellness hotels near the Dolomites offer an aroma peeling with exquisite essential oils, which gives your skin energy and moisture, an Alpine active substance peeling with fine pink mountain salt, which deeply cleanses your skin, and various baths for your maximum well-being. After an active day, our sports pack with the essence of arnica promotes muscle relaxation. The relaxation bath for two at our wellness hotels near the Dolomites provides for particularly romantic moments. Toast to love with a glass of Prosecco and enjoy the time at our wellness hotel near the Dolomites with your loved one. All peelings and baths can of course be booked in all our hotels in South Tyrol.

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