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Face to face with the mountains


Tip: MMM Corones

Next to Ötzi, he is probably the most famous South Tyrolean: Reinhold Messner. One of his six museums awaits you on the summit of Plan de Corones/Kronplatz and is absolutely worth seeing.

Which important personalities come to your mind when you think of South Tyrol? Ötzi the Iceman? Andreas Hofer, the freedom fighter? Reinhold Messner, the extreme mountaineer? As different as the three personalities are, they have one thing in common: a museum that tells of their lives. The latter even owns six museums, all of which are dedicated to his life's theme, the mountain, in all its different facets. With the last museum, Reinhold Messner closes the circle. The splendid building, designed by Iraqi star architect Zaha Hadid, stands on the summit of Plan de Corones/Kronplatz. Spa holidays in our hotels can be easily combined with a visit to MMM Corones, which is dedicated to traditional alpinism, which Reinhold Messner significantly influenced with his expeditions. Just as impressive as the exhibit is the magnificent view that awaits you here. The view sweeps sweeps from the Lienz Dolomites in the east to the Ortles/Ortler in the west, from the Marmolada in the south to the Zillertal Alps in the north. Truly breathtaking!

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