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Our hotels in northern Italy for golfers


5 things that you should pack in your suitcase

Your holiday in our hotels in northern Italy is ju st around the corner and you cannot wait to spend your time on the greens? Get ready by taking a look at our packing tips.

You should take these 5 things with you when you spend your holidays in our hotels in the north of Italy:

#1: Golf bag and set of clubs: You cannot play golf without golf clubs and you cannot carry them around without a golf bag. A waterproof bag cover keeps your bag and clubs dry in case of bad weather.
#2: Golf balls and tees: Another essential part of your professional golfing equipment during your stay at our hotels in northern Italy.
#3: Golfing outfits: It should be comfortable and stylish. Shirts and pullovers with collars, chino pants or knee-length skirts offer you optimum freedom of movement. Golf socks and golf shoes, preferably with spikes, are also important. Many golfers also wear a glove and a golf cap when staying at one of our hotels in northern Italy.
#4: Towel and aids: From golf towels and ball markers to pitch forks and distance measuring devices – not a must when playing golf, but practical.
#5: Sunscreen: Finally yet importantly, do not forget to bring sunscreen.

Once your suitcases are packed, your holidays in our hotels in northern Italy can start! But do not worry: Even if you have forgotten something – in most cases you can rent the missing equipment in our hotels in South Tyrol. We wish you a great time on the greens!

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