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With drive and charm


Golf for beginners

We think that it is high time to try something new. That's why we are taking you to the golf course. Are you ready?

Trying out new things is the spice of life. How about a new sport? Our hotel in Dolomites is the perfect holiday home for those who want to start playing golf. When you stand on the golf course for the first time, you will notice how versatile this sport is. Because golf not only improves mental strength, but also trains physical endurance and strength. In short: golf is the perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation in nature. You will see that with the right golf instructors, all beginnings are easy. We at Winklerhotels know it best. As our guest, you enjoy exclusive discounts on group and private lessons. In addition, we will treat you to a green fee at the golf club and organise a weekly golf taster course. If that is not enough to convince you to start playing golf ...

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