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Our hotels in northern Italy: living history


A medieval castle complex to admire and explore

Our hotels near in the north of ITaly are perfectly located if you are fascinated by magnificent castles and palaces such as the Tures/Taufers Castle.

The Tures/Taufers Castle is located near our hotels in the north of Italy. It is a majestic castle with 64 well-preserved rooms. During a guided tour, visitors gain an insight into twenty furnished rooms. Of particular interest are the courtroom, the library, the knight's hall, the hospital room, the "ghost room", and the armoury. If you are on holiday with your little ones in our hotels in northern Italy, you should not miss the dungeon and the “torture chamber”. As an art lover you can enjoy the Pacher frescoes in the chapel. There is also a special children's programme and a castle tavern – perfect for your holiday in our hotels in the north of Italy. The fairytale castle complex near our hotels in the north of Italy is very easy to reach from the car park via a 10-minute footpath. Finally, a particularly creepy tip from us, your hotels in South Tyrol: the castle can also be visited during a guided tour after sunset.

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