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Train like a Hollywood star


Our vitality programme, just for you

Everyone knows yoga. But have you ever tried fascia training, 5 Tibetans, or 12-meridian training? No? Then it is high time!

A really good wellness hotel in South Tyrol is not only characterised by a beautiful and large wellness area. It also offers its guests an attractive and varied vitality programme for every taste and every fitness level. In the Winklerhotels, for example, fascia training is offered regularly. Fasciae is the collagenous connective tissue network in our body, which provides support and elasticity. Fasciae protect the muscle from injury and ensure mobility. Fascia training uses a fascia roll or ball to loosen adhesions in the connective tissue. The 5 Tibetans are also on our programme. This is a sequence of exercises that give energy and strength by activating the muscle tissues and energy flow. And finally, the 12-meridian training is also very popular. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it helps to release energy blockages. Did we spark your interest? Then visit us and give our deluxe vitality programme a try!

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