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Listen up, bikers: autumn is going to be unforgettable!


Biking on the sunny side of the Alps

When the leaves change colour and the skies are clear, the best time for a bike holiday in South Tyrol begins.

While in most places the bike season ends at the end of summer, in South Tyrol it is still in full swing. The lower temperatures and shorter autumn days are no reason to put your bike in the cellar. On the contrary: autumn is clearly one of the most beautiful seasons for a bike holiday in South Tyrol. The clear view, the still pleasant temperatures, the impressive colours, and the fact that there are less people on the trails and roads than in summer are reason enough. Of course you shouldn't start at 7 a.m. like in summer, but wait until the sun has heated up the temperatures a bit. As soon as the sun goes down in the evening, you should return to our hotels in South Tyrol. A tip from a professional: several layers of clothing are important, as well as changing clothes and a pair of gloves for the descent. Otherwise nothing stands in the way of the bike pleasure in autumn in South Tyrol. Try it yourself and book a bike holiday in our hotels in the Alps!

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