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Wellness hotels in South Tyrol: man, oh man!


Real beauty treatment for real men

Beauty treatments are only for women? That’s simply not true, our wellness hotels in South Tyrol have special offers specifically for men.

Beauty treatments and men – that sounds like a contradiction, but it isn’t, because at our wellness hotels in South Tyrol we offer exclusive treatments for the men. Cold clear water was yesterday, the men of today wants to be cared for from head to toe. At our hotels in the Dolomites, we bring real men back into shape. Whether Express Power Lift for difficult men’s skin, Special Care for business men, manicure, or depilation – after a beauty treatment for men in our wellness hotels in South Tyrol, you simply feel good in your skin again. And because happiness is known to be the only thing that doubles when you share it, we also offer very special couple treatments in our wellness hotels in South Tyrol. Go on a journey through South Tyrol with your partner, discover the secrets of India, or simply dive into Winklers’ Private Spa.

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