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Spa hotels in Italy with Ayurvedic treatments


The ancient Indian art of healing at Winklers’

At our spa hotels in Italy, you can embark on a great variety of spa treatments, ranging from classical to Hawaiian to Indian and more.

Our spa hotels in Italy are a paradise for wellness fans. Treat you and yours to the ultimate spa break at our spa hotels in Italy’s Dolomites and enjoy free access to the wellness areas of all our three spa hotels in Italy as well as a sheer unlimited range of treatments and massages. One of our specialties is the Ayurvedic treatments. The Ayurvedic offer spans from Abhyanga, the full-body massage, to Mukabhyanga, the head, neck and face massage, to Shirodhara, the gentle pouring of warm oil over the forehead. You can combine the two first treatments with Shirodhara and make the most of your stay at our spa hotels in Italy. These soothing treatments offered at our spa hotels in Italy follow the traditional Indian art of healing and help restore the balance of body and mind by releasing inner tensions and blockages. Make sure to schedule some time after the treatments to rest and drink plenty of water.

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