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Your hotel with horses in South Tyrol: smiles are guarenteed

True happiness can be experienced on the back of a horse. In our hotel with horses in South Tyrol, you will encounter countless moments of happiness during your horseback riding holiday. Whether on your own horse or on the horses of our riding stable Purmontes – in this hotel with horses in South Tyrol, very special experiences await you on horseback. Set off with Judith, the qualified riding instructor, on magnificent rides through the spectacularly beautiful Puster Valley.

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Our riding instructor and our horses

Judith Faller is responsible for the entire riding facility. She is a state-certified riding instructor and trail riding guide and holds the Austrian carriage-driving badge in bronze. She is also a successful horse breeder and trainer in gallopp racing.

In the course of her career she has achieved notable success in western riding and podium places in various disciplines of winter riding at home and abroad.

LuckyMixed Quarter; movie horse
Marry - LouApaloosa; reining
LunaQuarter; movie horse
BirkeHaflinger; rated 1 A
SinaHaflinger; rated 2 A
BellaHaflinger; rated 2 B
ZumaHaflinger; rated 2 B
SusiHaflinger; rated 2 A
MiracleAmerican Paint Horse; reining
Luna Shetland pony
Stella Shetland pony
LudwigShetland pony
Beethoven Mule
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Horseback riding holidays in South Tyrol – you can have it all

In the immediate vicinity of the Chalet Purmontes, there is a modern riding hall measuring 20 by 40 metres where you can also book private riding lessons. If you want to spend your holiday with your own horse, you can bring your darling to this hotel with horses in South Tyrol. In the guest horse stall with a paddock, your four-legged friend will feel completely comfortable.

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The hotel with horses in South Tyrol: our horseback riding offer for you

Whether you’re a beginner or a passionate professional – at our hotel with horses in South Tyrol, everyone is sure to be satisfied. See for yourself what awaits you at the Purmontes riding stable:

  • Private lesson, 25 minutes, 25.00 euros (beginner)
  • Private lesson, 50 minutes, 50.00 euros
  • Group lesson, 25 minutes, max. 3 people, 20.00 euros
  • Group lesson, 50 minutes, max. 3 people, 45.00 euros
  • Ride (walk, trot, or gallop) for advanced riders, 60 minutes, 50.00 euros
  • Ride (walk, trot, or gallop) for advanced riders, 120 minutes, 90.00 euros
  • Half day ride for advanced riders, max. 3 people, from 14 years, 250.00 euros
  • Pony riding for our little guests, 20 minutes, 15.00 euros

For further information, enquiries about our offers and appointments, please contact us by telephone at +39 0474 403 133 or by e-mail at purmontes@winklerhotels.com.

Beginners start on the longe. We teach them how to sit correctly, how to move when trotting, how to hold the reins, and how to build trust between horse and rider. In the riding arena, beginners learn to ride independently. Advanced riders practice the art of subtle cues and the ability to handle different types of horses and can enjoy the beautiful nature during a ride.

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All about sports and outdoor activities

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Outdoor holiday deals

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We are open for you!

Full of joy and with a beaming smile on our faces, we are glad that we can finally be there for you again:

❀  Private Luxury Chalet PURMONTES - Hotel LANERHOF and Hotel SONNENHOF: are already open
❀  Hotel WINKLER: 20 may2021


You are welcome to contact us at any time for further questions about your next holiday:
✎ Hotel Lanerhof: +39 0474 403133 ǀ lanerhof@winklerhotels.com
✎ Chalet Purmontes: +39 0474 403133 ǀ purmontes@winklerhotels.com
✎ Hotel Winkler: +39 0474 549020 ǀ winkler@winklerhotels.com
✎ Hotel Sonnenhof: +39 0474 528105 ǀ sonnenhof@winklerhotels.com


We are looking forward to seeing you,
family Winkler and the Winklerhotel-team

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