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Introducing Winklers’ Balance – a unique vitality programme

At one with nature through the seasons

As guest of our spa hotels you have the opportunity to benefit from our signature vitality programme. Winklers’ Balance is a holistic programme including treatments and activities specially designed to promote psychophysical balance.

The programme is based on natural elements and the seasons. The cycle of the seasons reflects our life cycle: spring, summer, autumn and winter correspond to childhood, adulthood, mature age, and the age of wisdom respectively. Based on this principle, we have created an extraordinary vitality programme designed to promote sustainable, long-term well-being.

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May and June
July and August
September and October
Cardinal directionEastSouthWestNorth
Life cycleChildhood and youthAdulthoodMaturityOld age
Activity programmeSunrise hike
The beginning of a new day is similar to the beginning of a new life cycle in spring.

Visit to the climatic gallery
“I breathe” – the source of all life
Dew walk
Barefoot walk in the morning dew with a special movement- and breathing technique

Easy hike with Kneipp
In the romantic “Cold-water valley” incl. picnic
Sunset hike
on the Giogo d’Asta high plateau, incl. dinner

The three Paths of Health in Rio Bianco (Dr. Gruber’s method)
Meditative hike
Muscle relaxation through specific breathing- and movement techniques (E. Jacobson’s method)
SpecialsPresentations (20:30–21:30):
Herbs for all senses
Tasting and smelling, tales and meditation

Seminar on bases
Cleansing and detoxifying the body

Breathing is life
Breathing- and movement techniques
After dinner:
Fire and dance
Meditation by the campfire

Mountain-pine walk
 A highlight to crown a hike
Sound-bowl footbath

A night of legends and fairy tales
Sound-bowl footbath

Incense ritual

A night of legends and fairy tales
SpaHerbal peeling

Herbal sauna infusion
with herbal compote

Sauna infusion by tassel, incl. serving of home-baked bread, fresh herbs, and tea
Sauna infusion with St. John’s Wort or mullein

Sauna infusion with mountain pine essence and pine water

WoodaPeal – mountain pine peeling
Water gymnastics

Kneipp infusion
with lemon water


Sound-bowl infusion

Medicinal-clay pack for the Turkish bath
TreatmentsLiver wrap, Jentschura, herbal stamps, treatments by Team Dr. JosephLomi Lomi Nui massage, body wraps, baths Cold body wrapFoot-reflexology massage

Revitalising baths and packs
Nutrition1 alkaline breakfast and menu per week

1 herbal menu
All about blossoms, vegetables, and berries

Our weekly culinary special: breakfast in the woods

Private barbecue with seasonal vegetables
Water tasting – water is life

Autumn fruits: the potato

Ground grill – a special highlight

Focus: Vegetables
Vitamin-packed fruits

Energy-boosters and tricks to strengthen the immune system
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