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A holistic method, that emerged through the long experience of Claudio Massimo Setti. The purpose is to concentrate the health and wellness of our body and soul. It’s a concentration of the best and easiest to practice strategies, which he learned during his studies.

The method emerged from the integration of East and West. The purpose is not to replace medicine cures. It wants to indicate the way to maintain or make the wellness we already have even better.

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All these techniques such as, for example, Naturopathy and Iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, bio-energetics, phytotherapy, nutrition, gymnastics and massage provide me with the appropriate tools to follow a person at 360 degrees.

These investigative methods do not replace blood tests or medical diagnoses, also because their purpose is different. Solving general discomfort is my goal, to provide the right tools through healthy nutrition, adequate herbal teas and phytotherapy interventions, the explanation of a few exercises to be done daily and the possibility of thinking about what actually afflicts us from a mental point of view is what is most important to me. The link that is often created between illness and mind, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and psychological afflictions, such as stress and depression, are now also recognized by Western medicine, which often forgets to provide the patient with the right knowledge and tools to take care of himself.

That's why preventing by leading a healthy lifestyle without exaggerating in any complementary therapy, but tending to a balance, like the Tao, in what we do, in how we move and how we eat, can only help.

more information: www.settimethod.it

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