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Holidays in the Dolomites: pure bliss


Autumn specialties

Your holiday in autumn in the Dolomites will be tastier than ever. Experience traditional flavours and savour the unique South Tyrolean cuisine!

Holidays in the Dolomites is synonymous with rest and relaxation. In our hotels in South Tyrol, which belongs to the Winklerhotels group, we offer an autumn of flavour and fine dining pleasures.

During your next holiday in the Dolomites, you will have the opportunity to discover the culinary art of South Tyrol during the autumn season. Enjoy freshly harvested ingredients and recipes that are packed with traditional flavours. Have you ever celebrated Törggelen – the centuries-old tradition with great food, lots of fun, and music? Holidaying in the Dolomites allow you to discover delicious delicacies and traditions all at once. Don't miss the opportunity to go on an excursion in the mountains and to top off your holiday in the Dolomites with a regional dish to satisfy your taste buds. Create memories in the Dolomites to last a lifetime!

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