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Fantastic hikes in the Dolomites


Breathtakingly beautiful

Hikes in the Dolomites have a very special charm and provide moments of triumph, joy, and connection with nature.

Hikes in the Dolomites are what your heart beats for? The undisputed charm of the most beautiful mountains in the world is calling you? During your holiday at our hotels in South Tyrol, we’ll take you on hikes in the Dolomites – an enchanted world full of wonders and secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. We at the Winklerhotels will take care of every details, making your hikes in the Dolomites an experience of unforgettable emotions and memories. Thanks our private and free shuttle service and hiking programme as well as our guided tours, your summer holiday will be a complete success. And your health will thank you too. Hikes in the Dolomites, and hikes in general, are good for your body: they strengthen muscles and joints, boost the metabolism and cardiovascular system, restore spiritual and physical balance, give joy … Just come and discover the fascination of hiking in the Dolomites yourself!

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