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The new well-being


The Setti Method

In addition to physiotherapeutic treatments, various wellness packages, yoga and Qigong, our hotels in South Tyrol now also offer the Setti Method.

This holistic health concept is named after its founder Claudio Massimo Setti. The Setti Method uses selected techniques and methods from naturopathy, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, phytotherapy, nutrition, as well as gymnastics and massages. Setti’s goal is to give people the right tools to achieve new well-being. These tools include a healthy diet, suitable herbal teas, phytotherapeutic interventions, physical exercise, and a change of view. In doing so, you will become aware of what burdens you daily and what you really want. During your ski holidays in South Tyrol from two to six overnight stays, we await you with several different packages around this method. Browse through our offers and try it out! You will be thrilled.

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