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Three enchanting hotels in the Dolomites


The advantages of Winkler’s Premium Experience

Our hotels in the Dolomites are an authentic paradise for those who take great delight in swimming and relaxing by the pool.

In our hotels in the Dolomites keen swimmers are in their element because they have 15 different pools at their disposal, where they can give themselves over to ultimate refreshment and enjoy swimming deluxe. Thanks to the so-called Winkler’s Premium Experience, created to satisfy our guests and ensure only finest holiday experiences, you can try the pools of all our three hotels in the Dolomites and live precious moments of relaxation without any additional charge. Swim in our heated outdoor pool, and enjoy the soothing warmth of the heated indoor pool in our hotels in the Dolomites. Furthermore, you can enjoy the benefits of a pampering session and let a million bubbles massage your body in the saltwater whirlpool, or dive into the plunge pool after having enjoyed the soothing warmth of an intense sauna session. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of the pools in our hotels in the Dolomites!

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