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Multifaceted holidays in the Dolomites


The Lagazuoi circular tour – nature and history

Book your holidays in the Dolomites and discover the many surprises of this beautiful region. Take part in a fascinating ski tour and enjoy the beauty and history of South Tyrol!

Many people book their holidays in the Dolomites because of the wide range of activities that this region has to offer. Our three hotels in the Dolomites are the perfect starting point for unforgettable ski tours. We will be glad to organise tailor-made ski tours for you during your holidays in the Dolomites! The Lagazuoi circular tour is a very special ski tour where you can admire breathtaking views and discover the eventful history of South Tyrol. Do not let this chance slip by! Nowadays this territory is a famous destination for holidays in the Dolomites, but once upon a time, during World War I, it was the stage for cruel battles. The starting point for this very rewarding ski tour during holidays in the Dolomites is the Falzarego pass. Take the Lagazuoi gondola car, enjoy the grand views on the way up – and then make your way back down again, on the 3.5 km long Lagazuoi slope and the 8.5 km long Armentarola slope. Ski holidays in the Dolomites are truly multifaceted, offering interesting insights into local nature, culture and history!

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