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Our hotels in South Tyrol – simply amazing


An unforgettable holiday at Winki’s animal world

Children love animals. At our hotels in South Tyrol, you have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the four-legged friends.

A holiday at our hotels in South Tyrol is a pure delight, because at Winki’s animal world at the hotel Lanerhof, animals of all different sizes live together under one roof. Children love to observe and pet the animals at the petting zoo of our hotels in South Tyrol. Guinea pigs join geese, goats, rabbits, sheep, and ponies. The children can even ride on our proud mare Ulli. A day spent at Winki’s animal world goes by like a flash, because here, besides funny four-legged animals, there is also an eagle’s nest for climbing up, a fireplace, and a small pond with raft, and a zipline in the garden. You see: at our hotels in South Tyrol children’s dreams come true. Tired, but happy all around, the little ones fall into the cuddly, soft bed after a delicious dinner with special children’s menus and dream of all the animals they have met at the petting zoo of our hotels in South Tyrol.

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