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The perfect autumn treat: chestnut hearts


The sweet side of the spiky fruit

They belong to autumn like the colourful leaves that fall from the trees. We are talking about chestnut hearts.

In October, when autumn shows its most beautiful side, a very special time is beginning in South Tyrol: chestnut season. This delicacy is not only roasted over an open fire, but also prepared in a wide variety of ways. In our spa hotels in Italy, we’ll introduce you to the most indulgent side of the "Keschtn", as the spiky fruit is called here. Chestnut rice, chestnut cream soup, chestnut doughnuts … – there are plenty of specialties to choose from. The South Tyrolean chestnut hearts are a very special delicacy for all gourmets. Mmmmh … your mouth will be watering even before you have had a bite. This tasty delicacy is available from September to the end of the year in almost all South Tyrolean pastry shops, bakeries, and cafés. If you've never tasted a chestnut heart before, it's high time! In our hotels in South Tyrol we will be happy to tell you personally where you can get the best ones.

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