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Good for the immune system


Why natural antibiotics help.

Why strengthen your immune system with chemicals when there are natural alternatives.

How about a stay in a wellness hotel in South Tyrol? Unfortunately, right now, we can only dream of a break as our health comes first. But since your well-being has always been close to our hearts, we have a collected some few tips on how to strengthen your immune system in these challenging times. Nature grows numerous herbs and plants that boost your immune system with their essential oils, tannins, and bitter substances. That’s why experts like to call them "herbal antibiotics". Among the natural products that most of us have at home are onions, horseradish, garden cress, and garlic. Thyme also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Especially thyme tea or honey is said to have healing effects. Many wild herbs that grow in spring can be taken as a preventive measure – preferably fresh as salad or in a smoothie – due to the bitter substances they contain. Trust in nature and stay healthy!

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