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Between vines and chestnut trees

If you want to explore not only the hiking and biking world of South Tyrol but also its first-class cuisine, you should treat yourself to a traditional “Törggele” menu.

When the grape harvest is over and the vine leaves turn golden , it’s “Törggele” time in South Tyrol. This is when leisurely autumn hikes through vineyards and chestnut groves are combined with culinary delights. The custom known as "South Tyrol's fifth season" arose when wine merchants, connoisseurs, and winemakers met in the wine cellar after the harvest to taste the young wine. Today a traditional “Törggele” menu consists of homemade “Schlutzkrapfen”, traditional dumplings, surf meat and house sausages with sauerkraut, rounded off with sweet doughnuts and roasted chestnuts. Served with "Siaße" (grape must) and young wine. “Törggelen” is a unique custom and a real pleasure in South Tyrol. Experience it during a last-minute holiday. Book your dream holiday in South Tyrol, our spa hotels await you. With us, you’ll embark on a culinary journey of discovery through the gentle vineyards of Italy’s northernmost region!

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