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South Tyrolean asparagus


A real vitamin bomb

In spring our favourite vegetable finds its way on our plates: white asparagus. The royal vegetable plays the leading role in many of our dishes.

Big gourmets and small connoisseurs – listen up! Today we present you our favourite spring vegetable: white asparagus. In April and May, it plays a leading role in numerous meals in our wellness hotel in South Tyrol. The royal vegetable not only tastes good but is also a real vitamin bomb. In addition to the vitamins A, C, and E it also contains fibres, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, and asparagine. Thanks to its countless nutrients it has a detoxifying and draining effect on the body. But why is asparagus so special? This is partly due to the sandy soil in which it thrives, and partly to the careful and traditional harvesting by hand. This preserves the freshness and taste of this unique vegetable. See for yourself and taste one of our traditional dishes next time. Asparagus with cooked ham and Bozner sauce accompanied by a fine glass of Sauvignon – gourmet heart, what more could you wish for?

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