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Hotels in South Tyrol for the body, mind, and soul


In rest lies strength

At our hotels in South Tyrol, you can relax completely and become one with yourself again. How about a soothing yoga lesson?

Take a deep breath, relax and let go – nowhere can you do this better than at our hotels in South Tyrol. As soon as you enter our hotels in the Dolomites, you will notice how the stress falls slowly away and your mind becomes free to focus on what matters in life. At our hotels in South Tyrol, you can finally find peace again. The unique Winklers’ Balance vitality programme will also help, with the regular yoga classes in our hotels in South Tyrol. With every deep breath, it becomes easier to leave the stressful everyday life behind you. A feeling of satisfaction and balance overcomes you. Only the here and now in these beautiful hotels in South Tyrol is of importance. Yoga has many advantages: the posture improves, toxins are excreted, and self-healing powers are awakened, sleep also improves and the psyche is strengthened. If you have never practiced yoga before, then it is high time. How about a trial lesson at our hotels in South Tyrol?

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