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Our hotels in North Italy – Alpine-Mediterranean fusion par excellence


The perfect combination of northern and southern delights

The three Winklerhotels in North Italy have quite a lot in store for their guests; but the biggest treasure of all are the spectacular mountains and valleys right outside the hotel doors.

Whether our hotels in North Italy have been your holiday home for many years or you have yet to experience the full effect of our three hotels in North Italy’s Dolomites, the natural setting alone is well worth a visit. Italy’s most northern region South Tyrol is a little melting pot of cultures, languages and tradition. Here, German is spoken next to Italian, knödel served alongside spaghetti and creamy cappuccino with the typical South Tyrolean apple strudel. The region surrounding our three hotels in North Italy is the perfect combination of north and south, featuring the best of South Tyrol and the Mediterranean: rugged dramatic mountain sceneries and idyllic, picturesque vineyards, a people who are down to earth yet fun-loving, flirtatious and easygoing, a hearty and light cuisine, the finest selection of wines and beers and much more. But visit us at our hotels in North Italy and find out for yourself!

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