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A kids’ paradise for your winter holidays in South Tyrol: Premium winter experiences

A wonderful winter at Plan de Corones

In winter, our family hotels in South Tyrol are the perfect haven for you and your kids to enjoy a magical holiday. And it is not only the idyllic snowscapes that make it magical: the Winklers’ Family Carefree Programme also does its part. We strive to offer everyone the kind of holiday they long for – while mum and dad enjoy South Tyrol’s fantastic ski pistes, we make sure their kids have the time of their lives at the Cronido park or at our kids’ club. Visit us in South Tyrol... It is going to be an unforgettable family holiday!

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Next winter, try the Family Carefree Programme

You can book our special winter family programme either as 5- or 6-day package, from Sunday or Monday to Friday.


  • The kids’ shuttle takes the children to the Plan de Corones ski area (ONLY at Hotel Winkler)
  • Rendezvous with the ski school tutors at the Korer lift – this is where the fun begins
  • 2-hour ski course for different skill levels 


  • A delicious lunch in Croniland


  • Back to the ski piste! (One-hour course)
  • Fun and games in Croniland
  • Back to the hotel with the kids’ shuttle (ONLY at Hotel Winkler)

At the end of the week, grand finale with a thrilling race and awarding ceremony.

The family carefree program is offered ONLY in the Hotel Winkler. If you are staying in one of the three other Winklerhotels, please book your children's ski course registration directly with the ski school:

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Family holiday deals

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